Note the fees of 1.5% for FaucetHub and 1% for Payeer.
To make a withdrawal from your balance just enter the information that is requested being this:

The currency in which you will make the withdrawal, the FaucetHub address of the currency or "Payeer" for the case of rubles. Then when you are sure of the information you must verify it by clicking on "Verify", and once you see the message that you can make the withdrawal you just have to click on "Withdraw" and, ready!.

Bitcoin Cash

Minimum Withdrawal

Currency/Rank               Rank 1 - 16               Rank 17 Or Higher
Dogecoin                             120                               100
Bitcoin                                   0.0003                       0.00024
Litecoin                                 0.012                           0.0048
Dash                                       0.003                           0.0012
Bitcoin Cash                       0.003                           0.0012
Ethereum                             0.003                           0.0012
Rubles                                   50                                   30

The minimums vary according to the price of the currencies.

- Do not know how much you are withdrawing in btc, ltc, bch, dash, eth or rubles when using doges ?. Then use the converter to know.

Bitcoin -->
Bitcoin Cash -->
Litecoin -->
Dash -->
Ethereum -->
Rubles -->