About The Game

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In I-VALAD you can win dogecoins through adventures, where you will accomplish objectives that will be exchanged by “Doges” once the adventure is over. In addition to the pay per click of the daily announcements.

The difficulty of each adventure will depend on the adventurer’s rank, so he will receive more Doges the greater the difficulty of the adventure mission.
The higher the rank, you can do missions with a higher degree of difficulty and meet more difficult objectives. So you will earn more Doges for each mission of adventure

When you go up to the higher ranges you unblock the payment in other cryptocurrencies and rubles. Depending on if the rank you have is greater than the following you will get:

Table Of Benefits:

1/Cotton 3x170% Doges
5/Porcelain 4x170% Doge/Litecoin
11/Iron 5x170% Doge/Litecoin/Bitcoin
17/Gold 6x2100% Doges/All Cryptos
20/Diamond 7x2100% Doges/All Cryptos/Rubles

In addition to the above, the minimum withdrawals are also reduced in all cryptocurrencies and rubles for users with rank 17/Gold Plate or higher. Look at minimum withdrawal board.

Daily Ads:

Daily ads represent the maximum number of ads you can see in a day and that you will be paid and in turn the number of ads you have to validate to activate the portal.

Pay Per Click:

The payment per click, is the amount of Doges that will be paid for each ad that is validated:

  • If it is x1 you will be paid the amount indicated on the page “Activate Portal”.
  • If it is x2 you will be paid the amount indicated on the page “Activate Portal” multiplied by 2.


Fidelity is the percentage that is calculated from your adventure earnings and that will be added to it. Example:
If your adventure earnings are 1 Doge and your fidelity is 50% your total earnings will be 1.5 Doges.

Keep in mind that your fidelity will only remain if you activate the portal daily, otherwise the value of your fidelity will return to 0% and you will have to start over.

Activate Portal:

In “Activate Portal” you can activate the adventure portal to be able to go on an adventure. To do it you only have to put the letter that is indicated to you in the field, then click on “GO”, finally click on the ad that is indicated and wait 7 seconds with the tab of the advert open. Once the above is done automatically, the value of earnings per ad is added to your balance.

You only have to repeat the process until your daily announcements are at 0, for which the adventure portal will be activated, your fidelity will increase by 1% and you will add half the maximum stamina for your rank to your stamina balance.


The stamina represents the energy you have to start an adventure of a certain difficulty. The greater the difficulty of the adventure, the greater the cost in stamina, the difficulty is equal to the value of its rank, so if its rank is 5 the cost in stamina to start that adventure is 5. You can make adventures with difficulty less than or equal to your rank, you can determine the difficulty of the adventure that you will start by just writing it in the field that indicates it. If you leave the field empty or write a difficulty greater than your rank, the adventure will begin with the default value that is your rank.

The stamina is obtained every day by activating the adventure portal, for which it receives half of its maximum stamina, which is the maximum value of stamina that can be saved and is determined by its rank multiplied by 7. You can also get more stamina in the “get more stamina” option on the “adventure portal” page, for which you should only go through a shortener and when you return you will be added +1 stamina.

Finally, keep in mind that the stamina is restarted every day, so if you do not spend your stamina throughout the day it will start in 0 the next day. But do not worry!, you can get more stamina in the two ways mentioned above.


To go on an adventure, you must first have verified that you are human by clicking on “I am human” and when you return from the shortener you only have to enter the value of the difficulty of the adventure and click “start adventure”, that’s all. when the adventure time is over and the adventure has finished the results with the new values for the balance and others will appear in the results table automatically.

Adventure Time:

The duration of the adventure is determined by its rank, thus:

  • Rank 1/Cotton Plate —-> 1 hour
  • Rank 2/Cloth Plate —-> 2 hours
  • Rank 3/Paperboard Plate —-> 3 hours
  • Rank 4, 5, 6, 7…/… Plate —-> 3 hours

Daily Update:

Every day for all users the following values are reset or changed depending on the user’s actions on the day or the value itself:

  • Stamina —-> For everyone starts at 0.
  • Portal Status —-> For all users the adventure portal starts deactivated / off.
  • Daily Ads —-> Daily ads start according to the rank, as shown in the table of benefits.
  • Fidelity —-> Fidelity is maintained if the user activated the portal during the day, even if he did not perform any adventure. But if the user does not activate the adventure portal, it starts at 0%.